Welcome To A Sky Tracker

A-Sky Tracker is a family owned and operated company. With over 25 years experience in search light advertising, owner Robert Elcome understands the importance of gaining visibility. Whether you’re looking to add glamour to a special occasion, market an explosive sale, or promote you new business A-Sky Tracker has the knowledge and experience of helping you reach your goal with search light advertisement. Since 1985, A-Sky Tracker has been helping surrounding businesses attract more business in your community. Here’s a glimpse of some of A-Sky Tracker’s recent clientele:

Who Is A Sky Tracker

To bring professional service to searchlight advertisement.
We shed light and bring Hollywood ambiance to any event
To treat our customer events as if they were our own.

Search Light Advertising

Customers that purchase after an event  |   63
Rank events important to business  |   79
Spending occurs within 15 miles of home  |   75

Meet Our Team

Bob Elcome
Bob ElcomePresident / CEO
Bob is an event promoter at heart. He has over 25 years experience building and running searchlights. His professionalism is clear in his portfolio of work. All kinds of event promotions with all walks of life is his expertise.
Tonja Elcome
Tonja ElcomeCOO
Tonja is the (wo)man behind the green curtain. She keeps things running smoothly in the background and ensures projects are met within budget and on time.
Kelsey Elcome
Kelsey ElcomeEvent Assistant
Kelsey is our event assistant to ensure that everything on our end continues to run smoothly and on time. With a Bachelor of Science degree from University of California, Long Beach and understands the importance of things running smoothly when it comes to event promotion.

Our Happy Clients